Sleep Solutions Northwest: An alternative to CPAP for Sleep Apnea Therapy


By utilizing a custom-made, adjustable dental device, it is possible to position your jaw comfortably forward while you sleep, moving your tongue out of your airway. It is similar to the 'rescue breathing' position used by first responders when administering oxygen at the scene of an accident. Gently positioning the lower jaw forward opens the airway. In sleep, it can greatly reduce or eliminate sleep apnea and snoring. Sleep apnea has been implicated with a variety of serious health concerns, including a greatly increased risk of heart attack and stroke. It is also associated with Alzheimer's disease, erectile dysfunction, diabetes and more. Studies have shown that driving while sleep deprived is the equivalent of driving while intoxicated. The devices we make are covered by most medical, not dental plans. We accept many medical insurance plans and offer 'in network' coverage whenever possible.

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