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Many of the world’s great business successes are credited with having a great coach or guide. Not someone who does the work for you in your business, but someone who keeps you accountable and focused on the end result, while reminding you why the transformation is important. Because a successful business needs a sounding board and someone to hold up the mirror, helping you see, and understand, your business and personal blind spots. ► My name is David Sprague and I am that person – your business confidant, trusted advisor and number one fan – capable of building dynamic, scalable results through clear accountability and candid feedback for everything and everyone I touch. With a deep passion to witness others transforming their lives, I am an Executive Business Trainer and Growth Coach at Measured Accountability, providing leadership solutions to enhance individuals and management teams. Bringing 30+ years of experience working with companies on customer service, product management, development and operations, I work closely with business owners to set goals and clarify business direction, before building self-esteem through relationship training, followed up with an intense focus on accountability. ► As well as helping you set your goals, I hold you “accountable” for following through on the things that you agreed to do to achieve your goals. We start by looking at ourselves in the mirror and continuing with everyone and everything we encounter throughout the day until we fall asleep. An eternal optimist, I evangelize hope, encouragement and positivity in everything I do. I like to include a large dose of humor mixed with a generous sprinkle of humility in my work, coming from a place of love as a big brother and the eldest of five. To find out how I can help you grow your leadership potential, send me a LinkedIn message

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400 Northwest Gilman Boulevard STE 798
Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Seattle, Issaquah, Washington 98027
United States

Office in Seattle. Working with clients world wide.


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